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Your Home & Your Net Worth

You check and reconcile your stocks,  bank and other investment statements every month. When was the last time you checked your home value? Do you know it contributes to your net worth? Receive a monthly snapshot of real estate activity and how it affects your home value, enter your property address and choose how often you receive the information.


See how much homes are selling for near you

Ever wondered how much the home on your street sold for or is currently listed for? Well you can find out not just homes listed for sale but also how much they sold for. You can get activity in your neighborhood delivered to you and notified as soon as a house sells.

Investing in Real Estate

Ever wondered about investing in Real Estate for cash flow or wealth building? I can help with the analysis for a specific property or subdivision. Take a look at the analysis done for a property in 2012. Email me here if you have a property you are looking to invest in or need some questions answered on investing in the Phoenix real estate market

Phoenix Real Estate: Buying, Selling or Investing in Phoenix, AZ USA

High Rise Condos for Sale

Not afraid of heights and just want to be able to see the city views from your residence at all times, then High Rise Condos are your best bet. These High rise condos located centrally give you the opportunity to be in the center of all the action and experience the city of Phoenix.

Homes with no HOA for Sale

Looking for a property with no HOA restrictions, Phoenix has properties with no CC&Rs to abide by. These homes can be found in subdivisions all over the city of Phoenix. If you do not want to deal with an HOA with rules and regulations, one of these could be for you.

Historic Phoenix Homes

Would you like to live in a piece of history or own a Historic Home in Phoenix, Arizona, then try these historic homes in Phoenix for sale. Most properties in historic districts have earned the designation as a historic home by the City of Phoenix after meeting the guidelines.

Horse Properties for Sale

Horse Properties are not necessarily for just Horse or equestrian owners. You do not have to own or have a horse to live in a subdivision zoned for horses, you neighbors may own and you have to be okay with living close to properties where horses are present.

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